Apple, bendgate, and materialism

I think what annoys me most about “bendgate” is the attitude of Apple fanboys at the Apple forums towards people who are expressing concern, mocking them, saying go buy something else, we won’t miss you, etc.

I myself have never thought about carrying my iPhone in my pants pocket. It always seems like it could get damaged there. I preferred to carry in my shirt pocket.

However, I’ve come to realize that the overwhelming majority of people do carry it in their pants pocket. So it does seem that Apple should have done more testing on that.

I admit that I am having second thoughts at the moment. My new iPhone 6 plus is due to arrive tomorrow, and apparently if I don’t open the package I have 9 days within to return it.

But my reason isn’t so much technological worry, as it is dislike about the whole atmosphere that has been generated.

I find instead of really looking forward to a new gadget, that I’m feeling the onset of depression.

Maybe I’m just overlooking the important things in life. Those include helping friends, helping family, getting work done, keeping your health, being kind, etc.

New gadgets aren’t anywhere on that list.

Maybe I’m feeling too materialistic. That’s probably why I never bought a TV to replace my 1988 TV that broke over last New Year’s.

Or maybe I should just lighten up and enjoy it?