The more things change, the more they stay the same

This is a strange coincidence. I was straightening up the genkan, and collecting some old newspapers to stack in a special bag to use for bird cage liners. I used to subscribe to a paper newspaper. I stopped subscribing shortly after the big earthquake in 2011 when I realized I was just getting day old news and it was easier to read on my iPad. Anyway, I came across this one. Note the date. I guess things haven’t changed much.

Police in Oregon get call for chicken crossing road; cops unable to determine its intent

I’m definitely bringing this story up in the Hibiki no Kai English class on Sunday!

PORTLAND, Ore. – Police in Oregon were told there was a chicken — and it was attempting to cross the road.

In fact, the citizen who called the Portland Police Department non-emergency line on Monday evening reported that the chicken’s efforts to cross a road in a north Portland neighborhood were bringing traffic nearly to a standstill.

He assured the dispatcher he was not joking.

The dispatcher chuckled — and asked a clarifying question.

“It’s just the one chicken?”

The caller said yes.

Sgt. Pete Simpson says responding officers were unable to locate the chicken.

And so, he notes, police “were unable to determine the chicken’s intent.”

AP Top News for 2011

I may be biased, but I would have switched the order of the top two. Japan’s disaster was literally earth-shaking. Bin Laden’s death was certainly important, but it was largely symbolic at this point.


“Here are 2011’s top 10 stories, in order (according the Associated Press yearly poll of editor and news directors): 1) Osama bin Laden’s death …. 2) Japan’s triple disaster [earthquake, tsunami, nuclear crisis] …. 3) Arab Spring … 4) EU fiscal crisis … 5) U.S. economy …. 6) Penn State sex abuse scandal …. 7) Gadhafi toppled in Libya … 8) Fiscal showdowns in Congress …. 9) Occupy Wall Street protests … 10) Gabrielle Giffords shot … Among the news events falling just short of the Top 10 were the death of Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs, Hurricane Irene, the devastating series of tornados across Midwest and Southeastern U.S., and the repeal of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy that barred gays from serving openly in U.S. military.”