Spectrum Mobile discrimination against people with disabilities, loony store rep, and disinterested support


Yesterday I had one of the worst experiences ever at the Chesterfield, Missouri Spectrum Mobile @GetSpectrum store. I left literally shaking, and had to sit in my car and calm down before driving home.

I’m visiting a friend who has Charter/Spectrum service. She wanted to switch her iPhone carrier to Spectrum. She has disabilities which prevent her from visiting the store herself. I am listed as an authorized user on the account.

I phoned Spectrum at least 6 times clarifying the service, and what was required to make the change-over. They told me a visit to the store in Chesterfield (about 30 minutes away) was required since she is bringing over her own phone. 

I verified multiple times if I could go for my friend, because she was unable to go herself. Every time I asked Spectrum they confirmed that yes, I could go for my friend. I am listed as an authorized user on the account, and all I needed was her birth date and social security number.

At the Spectrum Mobile store in Chesterfield

The guy at the Spectrum mobile office in Chesterfield, a man named James, refused to help me add the mobile line for my friend, insisting she had to come in person.  I told him that was impossible, because of her disabilities, and that I had called at least six times over the last few weeks confirming that this can be done. But he just said nope, it can’t be done, and turned away from me back towards his terminal.

I phoned Spectrum from inside the store and they again insisted that it can be done. They asked to speak to James. I turned my phone over to him and he talked to Spectrum directly, and he argued with them and still said no, his manager said it can’t be done.

Spectrum asked to speak to the manager and James said he was the highest level person there. James also said that he was told by management that my friend, as the account owner, had to come in In person, even though he acknowledged I was an authorized user on the account.

He handed the phone back to me, and I took a picture of him because I intended to write a letter of complaint to Spectrum.

James tried to cover his name on his badge. But I took the picture and as I started walking out he chased me saying that I have to delete the picture because I did not get permission to take it. He tried to grab my phone from me!

James, the rep at the Spectrum Mobile store in Chesterfield, MO trying to hide his name

I said I was not deleting the picture, and I was not giving him my phone, and for him to get out of my way. 

He actually touched me for a minute when I tried to open the door and leave. I was careful not to touch him at all. He blocked my way, so I turned around and I yelled to the other staff members to call the police because he was blocking me and not letting me leave and he did not have any right to stop me from leaving!

After another minute he probably realized he was acting crazy and he backed away and let me leave. 

Followup with Spectrum Support (via their FaceBook page)

I contacted Spectrum Support via FaceBook Messenger. They said James was right in that my friend had to go over in person despite what their phone reps repeatedly told me, but that “the issue regarding James has been has been escalated, and will be addressed internally.” 

Which sounds to me like they aren’t going to do anything about it.

With regards to Spectrum Support giving me repeated incorrect info, the support person wrote, “Unfortunately I can not speak for what you were advised by the other reps, I can only advise on the correct policies and procedures.”

I pointed out that if somebody at Spectrum actually cared, it’s easy enough to check what the phone reps are saying. All they have to do is call and ask. They provide the same info every time. They even confirmed it on the phone while I was at the Spectrum store itself. 

If Spectrum was interested in resolving the discrepancy, they could even ask James what their own rep told him. The phone rep was telling him what they told me, and he argued with them.

So what about people with disabilities?

If Spectrum Mobile doesn’t want to cooperate in providing a way for my friend to use their service I guess there is not much we can do about it. But I think it’s discrimination against disabled people. 

Discrimination against people with disabilities seems to be Spectrum’s policy, even if their phone support doesn’t know it. Or maybe phone support is right and Facebook Messenger support is wrong. Who knows? One hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing.

I wonder if this kind of discrimination is illegal or not. But rather than pursue this legally, I am hoping this post gets some exposure so Spectrum can at least reflect on their policies and adjust to help out disabled people who need a designated representative go to the store.

And I hope they can at least care enough to get their stories straight and not waste everybody’s time.

As for James, I hope they deal with him appropriately, but I doubt they will.