Yes Coke Yes

Some Japanese Coca Cola slogans over the years which I never thought were strange, but my U.S. friends laughed about: “Yes Coke Yes”, “I feel Coke”, “No Reason”.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is because the other day at 7/11, at the checkout, I won a bottle of real, sugary, Coke.

I hadn’t drunk anything except sugar-free soft drinks for, oh, 20 years or more. Sugary soft drinks just seemed like a waste of calories, even for me.

But when I got home I tried it. And was surprised. Real Coke tastes NOTHING like Coca Cola Zero (the sugar free Coke they sell here). I mean nothing at all like it. It’s like comparing margarine and butter – two other things which have no taste in common at all.

Coca Cola Zero actually tastes sweeter. That was my first surprise. The real Coke, chock full of sugar, actually tastes less sweet. It has a dryer, more pleasant for adults taste I think.

Also the flavor or texture (I can’t put my finger on it) in real Coke is richer. I think maybe there is something about the real sugar (or high fructose corn syrup, or whatever they use these days) which can’t be simulated well with artificial sweeteners.

Will I now drink real Coke? Or course not. It’s a hideous waste of calories. But it did make me realize how bad and artificial Coca Cola Zero really tastes. I should just not drink artificially sweetened drinks at all.


p.s. Bonus trivia question: The flavor we all think of as “cola” actually is mostly a combination of two other common flavors. What are those two flavors?