Super major weight milestone: normal BMI

For the first time in my adult life I reached a normal BMI this morning. At 75.4 kg (166 lb) my BMI is now 24.9, which means I’m no longer overweight. At least by American BMI standards.

I’ve lost a total of 53.6 kg = 118 lb now.

This was all done with whole food plant based eating – lots of veggies, carbs (particularly potatoes), fruits, no added fats, whole foods, basically vegan, concentrating on lower calorie density foods, logging calories, and doing some more walking. Plus getting a new puppy and stress from, well, everything these days, probably played a factor.

All my blood values (blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.) and blood pressure are normal.

Here I am today at the supermarket.

My stomach still sticks out though, so I think I will keep eating what I am now and lose maybe another 10 kg over time. No rush. I don’t really feel like I’m on a diet. There is no feeling of deprivation. I like what I’m eating.

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