Star Trek Discovery – I hope it gets better (short review)

I watched the first 2 episodes of the new Star Trek Discovery. I’ll probably watch the next episode when it comes out, but I hope it improves.

It has some interesting possibilities, but also some problems, which start with the deathly boring opening and theme music.

There is some new tech which is interesting. And some of the characters have possibilities. But what bothers me is:

1. The lighting is awful. Endless lens flare. I mean endless. It’s perpetual. And other mysterious, dark, very-non-Federation-like lighting. For example a tribunal where the presiding judges are hidden in sinister darkness while the defendant is standing in a lighted room center. More like a weird Twilight Zone episode than the bright, civil Federation I’m used to.

2. We start right off with a (yawn yawn yawn) war story. It’s no secret, if you’ve seen the trailers, that they meet up with Klingons. Really slow-talking, horribly made-up Klingons. But is this going to be a long series arc – or even worse is Star Trek going to turn into Star Wars and have endless wars?

Star Trek has always been interesting (original series, Voyager, Enterprise) because of imaginative science fiction stories about humanity exploring space and discovering new life and new civilizations.

When the plot turns to action and battle I alway feel the writers have nothing more to say.

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