Special edition on earthquake, reactor

It’s a bit of an antique feeling, but this special edition of the newspaper was just delivered to my door. The top headline says that several tens of thousands of people’s safety still cannot be confirmed. The large headline on the right says the earthquake was actually magnitude 9.0. The center headline says that the #3 nuclear reactor’s pumping system has also failed. doug



Special edition on earthquake, reactor — 4 Comments

  1. The government is saying there is a 70% chance of another earthquake with a 7+ magnitude occurring within the next 3 days.

  2. Hi Doug, I’m thankful your blog demonstrates that you survive, and I know you are smart and can make good decisions in this extraordinary time. I can’t imagine the stress you must feel. BTW my view of your blog gives no time or day information with your posts. You might further help those worried about you by adding the time you are writing.I am rooting for you and that land of good people. Thanks for your posts.Sally

  3. Hi, Sally.The main blog entries themselves have the dates showing in a little circle attached to the top-right corner of each post. But you are right, the time of day info is not shown. So when I sent my latest entry a few minutes ago,  I put my own time stamp in the body of the post. There might be a better “blog theme” with more obvious time stamp info. I’ll check around. So the blog might look different next time you check.Thanks,doug

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