Spark – an email app for your iPhone and iPad — 5 Comments

  1. You know, I ran into some issues with Spark and I can’t remember at the moment why I stopped using it. It might’ve had something to do with image handling. It might’ve had something to do with the problem I had with a message getting constantly resent.

    I might try Spark again just to see why, because many of the features were quite nice.

    Readdle did answer my email, and I think it was about the problem I had with the draft constantly being resent, but I was afraid to start it up again to run their test because I didn’t want the email getting sent over and over again.

    I will try again. I’m always looking for a perfect client.

  2. I checked my mail and see the last response I got from Readdle was this in January. So my issues with Spark were that draft-getting-resend loop problem, and issues with Spark and image handling. The image handling is basically poorer than standard Mail in all other email apps I’ve tried, not just Spark. But it’s really important I think!

    I have consulted our developers and such behavior definitely should not be happening. It seems that if you open Spark, the email could not be there, or it should be in the ‘Outbox’ folder. If the issue with multiple sending appears again, please delete the email from the Outbox folder. Open the email > delete at the top or use the swipe action in the mail list.

    Regarding the images.

    I have saved your request in our system and if the ability to edit the images like in the Mail App in Spark is implemented, I will notify you via email. Also, I have saved your vote on the inline images appearing in replies.

  3. I see. And did they ever answer to the follow up regarding security? I mean these questions you have asked:

    * Does the search feature require keeping emails on your server?
    * Even with all the security protections, is it physically possible for Readdle staff to read our personal emails?
    * Is it possible for our passwords to get stolen and used – by someone else, or an errant Readdle staffer?
    * How can you run services which require ongoing use of your servers (push, teams, etc.) without a regular subscription fee?

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