Some thoughtful questions for Obama supporters

If anybody is interested in a thoughtful reply I would be interested in hearing from Obama supporters. I don’t want to get into arguments or attacks or listen to people demonize the Clintons or refer to “Hillary” as “Billary”. But I am interested in a thoughtful discussion, if anybody else is similarly inclined!

Here are some of the things that still have me supporting Clinton rather than Obama:

(1) The issue of greatest concern to me is health care and health insurance for everybody. I honestly believe that the only way of achieving this is for universally-mandated health insurance. If everybody is not in the pool, most economists agree that the system would not be affordable for all. There would be insurance company cherry-picking, and huge costs associated with providing emergency care for the remaining uninsured – like there is now. I just happen to agree with both Clinton and Edwards that this is something really needing “shared responsibility” on the part of all citizens. I think it is a matter of legitimate disagreement with Obama, who is not as progressive on this issue as Clinton is.

(2) Obama portrays himself as being on a “higher moral plane” than the other candidates. But I’ve seen some of his tactics over the last few weeks and I have to say he seems just like any other politician in wiggling around his past positions and throwing out attacks (for example, the “Walmart director” jab at the S.C. debate, or failing to denounce the Spanish-language radio ads in Nevada). Yes, I think the Clinton campaign unfairly twisted what Obama was saying about Reagan and his “ideas”. I disagree with Clinton’s tactics there. But I also think Obama has unfairly demonized the Clintons and has failed to give credit to the previous Clinton administration for all its good ideas. By demonizing the Clintons and ignoring the good things done in the 1990s, I think Obama is buying into the Republican arguments of the past, and that bothers me.

(3) I don’t really understand the “Change” message of Obama’s campaign. Hasn’t Hillary Clinton also worked for, and achieved, a lot of positive change over the last 35 years? Hasn’t she also shown that she can work across the aisle with Republicans in the Senate and in upstate New York? Doesn’t Obama have a message that doesn’t involve demonizing Hillary?

Like I said, this is not an “attack” message. I think Senator Obama is a fine candidate. I myself would like to see a Clinton Obama or Obama Clinton ticket if they could work past their antagonistic history.

But I do still have reservations about Obama.

Doug Lerner
Saint Louis


Some thoughtful questions for Obama supporters — 3 Comments

  1. I’m almost completely on the Hilary Bandwagon, looking forward to seeing Clinton-Obama take on McCain-? for the race. I figure America wins no matter what at that point; McCain is pretty centrist for a republican, Mr. Clinton was down the street from me a couple of weeks back (see here:). I listened over the radio as they only admitted some 500 or so people, and I mostly agreed with what he had to say, except….They want to bolster the housing market! NO! Let that sling slide! Look, bolstering the market only serves to INCREASE PRICES, keeping the down-trodden and middle-classes from being able to afford decent housing. How the hell is this plan supposed to HELP US afford the American Dream?Let the housing market slide. The people losing on it right now? People who bought to flip, holding onto mortages they thought they could sell in 6-18 months. Fuck ’em. I watched these people turn the street I used to live on from a middle-class suburb to a $1 million+ cul-de-sac. Yes, it went from affordable to $1.2 million in the course of 5 years. FUCK. THEM.Let the housing market crumble, let it correct itself, you want to insure us, you want to feed us and clothe us, why not get us a house too? That’d be nice!

  2. I agree with you about flippers except for this – when houses go into foreclosure it has horrible ripple effects for everybody else.I read that for every house that is foreclosed in a neighborhood, the property values of the other houses in that same neighborhood go down 1%.Also crime goes up with abandoned houses.There also seems to be a lot of poor people who got into loans they thought they could afford, but really could not because they were sold a bill-of-goods and didn’t understand the dangers of the adjustable-rate mortgages they were getting into.Also, in an overall economic downturn, people can basically use their houses like an ATM card, and take out equity for family emergencies. That is a good thing too.So it is complicated…doug

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