Some tasty sautéed vegetables — 5 Comments

  1. That does look like a tasty dish! I don’t think that variety of mushroom is available near me but I can substitute bella mushrooms.

    If you aren’t doing it already you might try olive oil from a spray can or refillable mist canister. I use much less oil when sauteeing that way because you can cover the pan with just a couple of short sprays.

    I used “Misto” refillable canisters for a while but found that pretty soon they clog up and stop working. So now, even though the environmentalist in me disapproves, we use oil in spray cans.

  2. Nancy, I rarely eat chicken. Mon and Monta give me looks.

    Michael, spraying sounds like a good idea! They don’t sell Pam here in Japan though. I guess I could try a spray. I think in addition to covering the pans the veggies themselves need a spray too, don’t you think?

  3. I don’t spray the veggies, just the pan, but for the amount of oil in a spray I don’t think it really matters in terms of calories. It’s just a light mist, the actual volume is very low.

    I use olive oil spray as opposed to “original” Pam which is (unspecified) vegetable oil. Pam does have an olive oil variant but I just buy the generic store brand because it’s cheaper. If the spray cans aren’t available in Japan you might be able to find a refillable spray canister like the Misto. Unfortunately, I have found out through testing that an ordinary plastic pump spray bottle doesn’t seem to work. I suspect it’s because the oil is more viscous that the liquids those bottles are designed for, but all I really know is that I get either a clog or a stream, not a spray. I think the effort to spray is worth the trouble because you can save 50 or a 100 calories that way 🙂

  4. I will see what’s available in refillable spray canisters here. I might be able to find something on Amazon Japan. Thanks!

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