Snowing in Shinkoiwa — 3 Comments

  1. Doug, I am not surprised at the difference in size of the Shinkoia flakes and the Ogikubo snowflakes. The ones here are quite large and floating down more slowly. Already the roof tops are covered. There are 3 to 4 centimeters built up on the veranda railings. The snow on the antennae is blocking TV reception. I have the broom at the sliding door ready to perform a quick sweeping operation to improve reception. I haven’t compared an annual Tokyo weather chart with one from Chiba. The Japan warm current from the south that bathes Chiba’s coastline seems to make a considerable difference in annual temperatures, rainfall, and snowfall. How are you doing these days? Dave

  2. Well, suddenly the snowfall has returned to rainfall. Now, it’s decision time. Do I step out into this kind of weather or eat my own cooking, ugh.

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