Skype – you always have to argue with them to get anything done

This is so boring I hesitate mentioning it. But since I have started to I will finish. Skype had been charging a “premium” membership if you wanted to use group video chat, which I do all the time in my work, during customer calls.

So in addition to my unlimited US and Canada subscription I had Skype Premium, which was $59/year. (I’m even boring myself by writing this now).

Anyway Skype changed their policy today (yawn) so group video calls are now free for everybody.

Unfair I thought! I just renewed in February! So I went through a long boring support chat to get at least a partial refund. Then I could sign up for just the plain old unlimited US and Canada subscription at a much lower rate.

But they didn’t want to give me a refund because I’ve already used more than 43 minutes.

So I went into “former New Yorker mode” and got angry at them until they called a supervisor and finally “as a courtesy as a tenured member” they gave me a $59 refund.

Then I went back in and signed up for a full year of unlimited US and Canada for just $30. So I got two free months, plus another year of outgoing calling service at half the price I was paying.

But with Skype you always have to argue about everything to get the fair thing done.

I think I’ll take a nap now. Anybody else still awake after reading that?


Skype – you always have to argue with them to get anything done — 1 Comment

  1. Yay! You know, you have to act like a New Yorker to get things done. Way to go! Boring? Not really. Getting things off your chest is good therapy!

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