Sittin’ at the Dock of the Bay…

I was listening to that Otis Redding song last night on my iPhone. Pao was sleeping on the floor next to me. Pao is 1 year 9 months old now and “getting better” except for leaping after motorcycles, which I can’t control yet. I have my office all Pao-proofed so he can hang out with me in here now during the day, which seems to relax him.

At the end of the song when Redding is whistling the last part Pao jumped up and came over and stared at the iPhone. He did that dog thing where they cock their head back and forth like they are curious about something and trying to understand. He was doing it in rhythm to Redding’s whistling!

I was able to replicate it later, but the next time he didn’t jump up. I’ll try to take a video next time. It was sort of cute.

I guess that’s officially Pao’s favorite song now (after “Hush little Pao, don’t say a word, Doug is gonna buy you a mockingbird… which I use to calm him down from a barking fit).

Here’s Pao’s album: Pao’s Corner

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