Saturday Afternoon Update

Today started out quite cold, but this afternoon it’s very comfortable outside. No heaters on in my house. I just got back from a bike ride along the Nakagawa under blue skies.

Mon and Monta are safely back from the vet after getting their fall nail clipping. They seem to have reach an accommodation over possession of the nest. As you know, they have been squabbling every time Mon entered, with Monta going in and throwing her out. I don’t think they got physical, but Mon always lost. So during egg laying time I had been separating them.

This month, Mon seems to have found the will to refuse to be kicked out and instead Monta left the nest to play on his swing. Mon stayed in the nest and laid her egg and relaxed there. Sometimes Monta would sit by the nest and peer in, but they have stopped fighting over it.

And there is a second nest in the cage if Monta really wants one.

Sometimes Mon leaves the nest and Monta goes in and sits on the eggs. And then Mon will return and take over. So I think they finally figured out how to get along.

Of course the eggs are probably all still infertile. I’ve never seen them doing whatever birds do to create babies. The species would definitely go extinct if it was up to these two.

And that’s the exciting news from Katsushika, Tokyo this Saturday.



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