Romney Denial of Responsibility for Actions of Bain Says A lot About the Kind of President He Would Be

I think this article is an important read that pretty much sums up many of the problems with Mitt Romney:

It’s worth taking a few minutes to go to the article link, and even share it around. It’s not that long, but laden with facts.

A few selections from the article:

“Romney claims he “left” Bain Capital to run the Olympics back in 1999 and is not in the least responsible for the actions it took over the next three years, notwithstanding the fact that he was CEO, Chairman, President and sole stockholder until 2002.”

“Romney’s refusal to be held responsible for the actions of the company he owned — and for which he remained CEO, Chairman and President — says a lot about the kind of President he would be — and a lot more about his character.”

“Romney cashed Bain’s checks — and sometimes he apparently deposited them in Swiss Bank accounts — or accounts in Bermuda or the Cayman Islands. But he refuses to take responsibility for the fact that the firm was — as the Washington Post called it — a ‘pioneer of outsourcing.'”

And more about this, his character with regards to his past bullying incident, the whole idea behind “trickle-down economics,” quotes from his supporters at a recent fund-raising gala.

Anyway, great read.


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