Rolling blackouts likely to occur — 3 Comments

  1. Update on the rolling blackouts:I still have power and Internet. But because of the Fukushima reactor problems, starting tomorrow morning at 6:20 am and going until 10:00 pm they are going to start rolling blackouts.They are saying the rolling blackouts aren’t just for tomorrow, but will continue through April! It will be in 7 groups, each blacked out for 3 hour periods from 6:20 am to 10:00 pm.I still don’t know what time block my neighborhood will be in. Still, 3 hours a day isn’t bad. I’ll just schedule my work accordingly.doug

  2. It looks like except for Arakawa-ku that in order “to protect the operations of the government” the other 23 wards of Tokyo are, for the time being, going to be exempted from the rolling blackouts. Why is Arakawa-ku so dispensable? I’m in Katsushika-ku. We’ll probably be the next thrown under the bus.But in the meantime it looks like the 22 of the 23 wards of Tokyo will be exempted.doug

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