Radiation levels from NHK – above normal but not a health risk if careful

NHK says they will try to do twice daily prefecture-by-prefecture radiation level reports starting maybe as early as today.

They did just recycle the following report on NHK. I tried to catch as many numbers as I could.

For Tokyo they said it was 0.89 microsieverts/hr which is 20x the normal background radiation and detected iodine an cesium. They say this still does not rise to the level of a health risk, but they also were saying to stay indoors and keep windows closed, and do things like wash and change clothes after coming in. It wasn’t exactly clear if they meant that just for the 30 km area around the Fukushima nuclear power plant, or also meant that for Tokyo. But just being cautious never hurt anybody.

In Ibaraki they detected 5.5 microsieverts/hr or 100x normal.

In Tokai they detected 5 microsieverts/hr compared to the normal 0.05 microsieverts/hr.

I lost the figures on Utsunomiya.


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