Radiation levels around my house — 4 Comments

  1. And my children and grandchildren live in Boston. I think I will tell all our Boston friends to move to Japan. Your family too. Just joking, Love, Muttle

  2. May I ask what model Geiger counter you selected and why?I’m also thinking of getting one. I am wondering what is the best way to measure radiation levels from food.While I agree that external exposure to levels like 0.3 uSv/hr is not harmful, I think the deeper concern is inhaling and/or ingesting the particles that are causing this rise in the usual background radiation. This is where the comparison with Boston deviates.

  3. I wish I could tell you!As mentioned in my note, I borrowed it from a non-profit organization here in Japan to help take readings in my neighborhood, contributing to their database. But the GPS wasn’t working, so they picked it up last night for repairs. I don’t have it handy now to look at the brand name of the actual internal geiger counter they built inside their recording unit.But when I find out I’ll let you know.doug

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