Project Chako

I’ve decided that even if it takes a year I’m going to find a home for Chako.

My neighbor reneged on her promise to pay for half of Chako’s operation fees. For the sake of peace in the neighborhood I am not arguing with her about it. But it was pretty nervy of her afterwards to ask me to walk her dog twice when she couldn’t be there.

Anyway, getting back to Chako…

For a cat she has some appealing traits. She never makes a sound, ever. I’ve never heard the slightest meow from her, even when she was trapped. The vet said there is nothing wrong with her, that’s just her personality. And she has that one green eye one blue eye trait. And the fact that she’s missing her front left paw adds to her mystique. She also never seems to get angry or look dangerous. She is just afraid of people.

I’m still feeding her, of course, and she shows up every morning and late afternoon and just stares at me.

I’ve gotten to the point where I can touch her, in a manner of speaking. She is feral, so I don’t want to stick my finger out on the off chance she might decide to bite. But I can bump her nose with my fist without her fleeing or getting upset. Sometimes she even playfully  (I think) pats my fist with her missing paw. She still runs away if I go down the stairs (and then runs up again after I’m safely away) but that is progress I think.

Maybe in a few months I’ll get to the point where I can stroke her and then, I hope, there will be a better chance of convincing somebody to take her in.

It is starting to get cold out there.



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