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Going forward as the new decade approaches, and we enter the presidential primary season, and then the elections, I always feel a need to post about politics.

Yet… yet… I feel many of my political posts to FaceBook friends, and here in my personal blog, are counter-productive, and even spoil the mood. I know some friends on FaceBook have not unfriended me, but have unfollowed me because of all my political posts. And basically all my cousins are Trump supporters for some reason I can’t fathom. Yet, they are really nice people as family, and very supportive! What can I say? Politics divides, but friends and family unite.

There are also some other people I’ve become very friendly with who are, I think, still reading my posts. Yet I know they are conservative and very religious, while I am neither. But they are truly, truly really nice people, and I value their friendship, and greatly enjoy the times we spend together.

So what to do? It’s like a mega version of one those Thanksgiving Dinners you hear about where everything can blow up if we’re not careful about what we discuss at the dinner table.

Politics really is just one part of who I am. Yet it’s been a part for as long as I can remember, getting involved in presidential elections since I was a McGovern volunteer in New York City was I was 15 years old! I worked the switchboard, manned the souvenir shop, and sat at pamphlet booths outside the campaign office. I still remember the theme music, “There’s a new world coming, it’s just around the bend…” I still can’t believe McGovern lost. After all, everybody I knew voted for him. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve made a decision to tone done politics here in my blog, and also in my personal FaceBook feed. Besides, everybody I agree with politically already agrees, and I’m not going to convince everybody else. So it just adds to noise to some extent.

But I do want to stay involved. So, instead of my FaceBook feed, which is private, I’m taking my political/election posts to a group I created, “Victory 2020 – How to Defeat Trump.” That is a public group for people who want to defeat Trump next year. People are welcome to join if you are on that side of the political aisle, and also share it so get others to join. People who like Trump can just ignore it! 🙂

I also have a political-based blog/newsletter I created at https://unitednewsreports.com, which I’ll be using more for general ranting about politics as time goes on, separate from my main blog. You can sign up for it or not. It’s just a hobby for me.

Here, in my personal blog, and in my personal FaceBook feed, I’ll talk about important, yet less divisive things like Monta, animals, diet and health, Japan, St. Louis, culture, language, photography, tech talk and other things I find interesting. And I will share some things which might be of a social nature, like climate protection, and about how we treat immigrants, and basic fairness and equal rights – which I think should be bipartisan.

There are so many outlets these days. And I definitely don’t want to leave it all with FaceBook, so that’s why I continue my personal blog here at https://lerner.net. 

We now resume regular programming.

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