Police drama around my house

I just got home from Hachioji and there was a big commotion around my house. There were three police cars with blinking red lights, and an ambulance and police walking around talking to people.

I asked a neighbor what happened and she said nothing really. That car bumped a bicycle ridden by a girl.

There were no injuries And no damage to the bicycle or car. But the police have to check it all out.

My guess is that if I phoned an incident like that into the St. Louis police they would respond with, “So exactly why are you calling us again?”


Police drama around my house — 1 Comment

  1. No kidding. In Plainfield where I live, it would have been a big deal. “GIRL RIDING BIKE RAN OVER BY CAR! INJURIES ARE UNKNOWN”.

    BUT: In Chicago , they don’t come out unless someone is shot.

    Well, I’m glad they checked her out and the driver didn’t take off.

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