Please come to Boston for the springtime, someday… — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Doug:

    Most people would be excited about upgrading to Business Class if they had the miles. You get better food and a bigger seat, neither of which you need! Will they allow you to bring your own plant-based food?

    On our first trip from California to Europe, my wife and I say in the first row of Coach, right next to the Business Class galley. It was painful.

    I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

    Who will take care of your dog?



  2. I don’t really care for travel in general. And you’re right, I don’t need the food in business class, and I think I should fit comfortably into an economy seat.

    I make one diet compromise on long international flights. I order vegan. I recognize there is going to be some oil in it but it’s just one flight and then I’m back to fully compliant. It just makes things easier. And we’re talking like three years between flights.

  3. Oh, my partner will take care of the dog, plus to reduce the burden on my partner I will have a professional dog walker come in and help with cleaning and the early evening walks.

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