Pao’s get together with his sisters

Pao and his sisters had a spur-of-the-moment New Year’s Eve get together!

On the left is Saran-chan, who lives across from me, with Kogita-san. In the middle is Anchiru-chan, who lives next door with the Yoshidas. And on the right is Pao-kun. All are from the same litter, born 35 days ago today.

And here is Pao playing with his sisters during their reunion. They hadn’t seen each other for 3 days! Everybody said that Pao-kun looks smaller than his sisters. I can’t really tell a size difference.

This is Hide-san, my neighbor, playing with Pao. Guess how old he is (sigh).

And here is Pao back at home, relaxing after the excitement. He had dinner, used the puppy toilet by himself (good boy!) and decided to take a nap with his stuffed animal friends until the countdown to 2020 – in about 90 minutes!


Pao’s get together with his sisters — 4 Comments

  1. Clash of the titans! Thank you for sharing the cuteness.

    Now about that puppy toilet…is he part kitty??

  2. Somebody else was asking me about the puppy toilet also. She claimed that in the US they didn’t have them. They’re very popular.

    Tao had one too. How else do you train a new puppy where to go so he doesn’t make a mess all over the place? Also, after they become an adult, it becomes a good place to go in an emergency if we don’t get outside for a walk in time.

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