Pao’s first vaccination!

Today was Pao’s first vaccination! He will be two month’s old tomorrow. I didn’t quite understand it all, but there are different recommended vaccinations for puppies in the Kanto area (east side of Japan) and the Kansai area (west side), and since we don’t plan on any trips with Pao to Osaka any time soon we went with the Kanto vaccine.

There’s a followup vaccine at the end of February, and then a week after that it will be safe to take Pao for his first walk outside. So the first week of March sometime .

Pao didn’t fit at all in the camera case we used three weeks ago! So there was some panic as I rushed around the house looking for something larger and suitable, and then we ran over to the vet, which is a short walk from my house.

At the vet he was initially quite nervous and even shaking. He wouldn’t take any treats from me because he was so nervous, but after he calmed down he ate a small snack from my hand.

The doctor gave him an exam, trimmed his nails, cleaned his ears, and checked his temperature (he didn’t like that much). He was completely ok with the shot though, which surprised me.

Other visitors this morning looked a bit jealous at how cute Pao was. He didn’t have any nervous reaction towards the other dogs and one cat that was there this morning.

Now he’s relaxing back at home in his corner.

Some photos, with brief explanations…

It looks like Pao will fit in this one!
Some reassuring finger gnaws before closing up the case
Ready to head out…
On the way…
Hirokazu and I took turns carrying him. His weight has jumped to 4.4 kg (up from 1.3 kg on the day he came to live here).
Taking in the sights on the route to the vet. I don’t think he was trying to jump out.
While waiting his turn to see the vet
At attempt at a selfie
Calming down a bit now
Recovering from his visit to the vet

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