Pao’s 2nd birthday

We had birthday cakes for Pao and his two sisters, Komachi (formerly known as Saran, who lives in the house in front of mine) and Anchiru (who lives next door). They all turned two years old on Friday.

It took Pao about 20 minutes to eat his. Komachi, otherwise known as the “snack recycling center,” took about five seconds to finish hers. Anchiru just had the biscuit part of the cake and is waiting for Hide-san to come home to gobble down the rest. Pao is the pickiest eater of the three siblings.

Two years is about 20 years in human years so I guess they’re not puppies anymore.

I hate to admit it, but Pao actually had the best manners while waiting for and eating his cake.

Kogita-san and Komachi
Yoshida-san, one of her relatives, and Anchiru
Getting Pao’s birthday cake ready
Pao is definitely interested – is it something to eat? Something to destroy?
Time for cake?
Interesting. Though he wouldn’t eat the strawberry. He did clean up the floor though.
Let’s do that again on my next birthday!

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