Pao takes over the house — 4 Comments

  1. This was a very satisfying post. I was curious in the very beginning, always wondering how did he get out. The photos were very satisfying about the curiosity about the puppy. I enjoyed reading this today to start my day. Thanks.

  2. But, after all that, he had a pee incident on the carpet. So, we decided to close the fence for the evening even though we know he can get out. We’ll keep an eye on it and see if he gets out. If he gets out we’ll open it up again. But right now he seems to be reflecting on what he did and going to sleep in his bed.

  3. All last night and this morning he was quite good. And I think after seeing him this morning it wasn’t a pee accident last night.

    While wandering around this morning he threw up a little. It looked like white foam on the carpet. I think it must have been from chewing on cardboard and dust balls or whatever. Anyway, the stain looked like the one I saw last night, and when I use the cleaning wet tissues there was a slight yellow color to it, like last night.

    So I think it was probably that.

    Also, the long lasting chew bone-like things I got him really do last a long time when he’s free to wander about.

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