Pao sleeping (the first day)

I’ll post more photos after editing about 34,000 that I took today. In the meantime, here is Pao sleeping while I take a break.

I can’t find my Barbara Woodhouse “No Bad Dogs Book.” I did find a bunch of sites online with some useful info. But basically I’m playing it by ear and throwing out the rule book.

Pao seems to like this slightly-moist kibble I got meant for puppies 2-10 months old, even though he’s not 2 months yet. I moisten it with some milk meant for dogs (which is itself a powder mixed with warm water). He eats most of it, then we have a puppy toilet session (successful so far) and he goes to sleep.

He’s very gentle and friendly and loves being held and petted. I’m exhausted. 🙂 Im having lunch now at 6 pm after going non-stop since mid-morning.

Basic first day stats: He was too light to weigh on my own scale, but I managed to weigh him on my food scale. He’s 1.306 kg = 2.88 lb. It’s hard to measure his length, but from his rear to the tip of his nose I think it’s about 30 cm.

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