Pao at the vet

We took Pao to the vet yesterday for his yearly rabies shot and ward office registration. Unlike Tao, who would turn away as soon as he realized we were heading in that direction, Pao loves the vet. As soon as we turn the corner heading in that direction he starts pulling harder and harder, like he can’t wait to get there. And once there, he’s all smiles and wagging tails.

Pao is waiting outside a bit because it’s a little crowded this morning. He’s excited about getting in though, and you can see his tail wagging once inside.
Taking in the scenery
Checking out a newcomer. Surprisingly, unlike some dogs there, Pao doesn’t bark at the vet. He basically doesn’t bark outside. He drives me crazy at home though, barking at noises outside. But outside, he never barks at the same noises. Weird.
All smiles.

The shot went fine. Hirokazu predicted that Pao gained weight and would be 29.5 kg. I guessed 28 kg. He was 28.5 kg, which is up 1 kg since the end of last year. The doctor said he’s a bit on the chubby side and we should be more careful about giving him too much food.

The “Doug/Pao” weight ratio has now dropped to 2.3. When he first came here, the same ratio was 107! (I’m down since then from 82.4 kg to 66.0 kg, and he’s up from 1.3 kg to 28.5 kg).

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