Pao and Monta’s cozy corner

Look at the cozy corner I made for Pao and Monta in the dining area, by the stairs to the 3rd floor and window. I even cleaned the floors and walls in that corner for the first time in, well, quite a while. 🙂

Monta is now nestled more inside the room, looking over everything.

The fence comfortably cordons off Pao for the time being, yet he doesn’t feel confined.

His toilet is safely separated from his bed.

The fence doesn’t hit our feet.

And Pao immediately discovered the toilet and used it properly (good boy!), then looked around and found his new bed and crawled in and went to sleep!

Monta also seems perfectly happy where he is. All is right in Shinkoiwa.

Pao and Monta’s Cozy Corner
Pao’s new bed.

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