Pao is growing

Pao is 44 days old today and he’s lived here for just 12 days. He’s obviously gotten bigger in that time. And his weight has doubled from 1.3 kg to 2.6 kg…

On the gnawing-on-my-hand front, I’m making progress. There seem to be lots of strategies online. The one that works best so far seems to be crying out and having my hand go limp for 10-20 seconds. When that happens, Pao tends to stare at the hand, and lick it. He tends to lick more than bite now. This is apparently a behavior puppies learn when they play with each other, and there is a lot of biting, and sometimes it can get too much.

He can also play a game I taught him. I tell him to choose one of my hands, and he chooses one and then I pet him with it. I’ll have to grab a video of that. It’s cute watching him looking and choosing between two hands even at his age. He can actually select one with his paw.

Pao’s gnawing habit

Here I am trying to get Pao to chew on something other than my finger and arm.

First I tried whimpering like a puppy when he did it. That seemed to work. He stopped and stared at me. But then he started ignoring that. He’s not actually trying to bite me I don’t think. He’s just playing.

Then I tried just going, “ow!” even though it doesn’t hurt (yet). He just interprets that as a playful sound I think.

This rope may help though. We’ll see.

Pao – Day 43!

Pao is 43 days old today. In the 10 days he’s lived with me his weight has gone from 1.3 kg to 2.6 kg. He is obviously doing well!

If go out, I can hear him crying before he goes to sleep again. I think that makes me more nervous than it makes him. When I get home I play with him a lot. Yesterday I left what I was doing early when I heard him crying and dashed home on the train, but by the time I got to the train station he was already quiet.

When I had my first puppy, Tao, 27 years ago, I didn’t have a WebCam or anything like that. I got home and he seemed happy to see me and that was it and we just went on. Too much knowledge now?

Sometimes I just need to go out and take care of things and be gone for a few hours.

I think he is coping OK though. We both need to learn to cope with this.

He still quite needy, and gets very melodramatic when he wants attention. He’s really good about the puppy toilet though. I’m impressed, considering his age. I would say 100% of the time he needs to poop he goes correctly into the puppy toilet, and maybe 85% of the time he’s spot on when he needs to pee, but he sometimes pees near the puppy toilet instead of in it.

While he has plenty of things to chew on, he doesn’t really distinguish between his chewing toys and my fingers. I would like to get him to not chew on me. It doesn’t really hurt, but eventually I know it will.

Here’s a video of him playing this morning.

Pao playing after a morning nap.