Opening links in alternate apps – an interesting Nexus advantage over iOS

I installed an app for an Android forums site. When I clicked on a link in an email I received, I was presented with this choice of how I wanted that link opened. It knew the app was installed, and it gave me a chance to visit the site with that app, or open it with my default Chrome browser. And it also let me decide whether to do that once or to have that as the default action.

I don’t believe iOS lets you do something like that.

It’s part of the open, more accessible feeling I’m getting from my Nexus tablet.

A small thing? Maybe. But it’s a nice convenience.



Opening links in alternate apps – an interesting Nexus advantage over iOS — 6 Comments

  1. I actually find that feature somewhat annoying. In particular, I have an app called Tapatalk that’s a client for online forum software. Every time I click on a link to a forum posting, if that forum supports Tapatalk I have to choose between the browser and using Tapatalk, and figure out if it’s a permanent choice or a one time deal. There’s apparently no way to say “never use Tapatalk unless I launch it” which is what I would like to do, it seems to be a separate decision for every forum on the Interwebs 🙁

  2. I think AndroidCentral, the forums I was linking to, uses Tapatalk.

    But why can’t you make a permanent choice?


  3. I believe I can make a permanent choice for a particular URL. But every time I try to access a new forum that supports Tapatalk, I have to go through the process all over again. It seems to me I should just be able to say always use Tapatalk for forums that support it.

  4. Well, that’s the irritating part – I only actually use one Tapatalk forum on a regular basis and even that one I don’t use every day. But if I do a Google search for some random topic – often programming related – and then click on a link that happens to be a forum post, I have to go through the whole Tapatalk/Chrome thing over again. It would appear that most programming related message boards support Tapatalk.

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