Not a bridge too far

I decided to go past the “end of the road” on the path along the Nakagawa and see what was past the river’s end, that small park in the photo.


If I zig-zag a bit around that small park, I first come a an ordinary road with no traffic. A short way’s past that you can get back on a bike path along the Shin-Nakagawa. And it’s quite a nice ride. Down by the river there is a lot of wide, green space and kids were out playing. The bike path itself is wider than along the Nakagawa, and people were strolling with their dogs, and it was generally very pleasant.

I got to a bridge and looked around and saw a landmark I knew, so was able to turn there and head home past Life supermarket, and then repeat my course a bit and head on to Maruetsu for shopping.

I see on the map in the link below that if I had gone on to the next bridge, that would have been Kuramaebashi Dori, which leads back to Shinkoiwa station.

Workout: Road Cycling
Date: Apr 1, 2013
Distance: 8.73 km
Duration: 42:39
Calories burned: 344

To view ‘Rode 8.73 km on 4/1/13’, follow the link below:

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