Normal blood sugar at last! Eating whole food plant based… — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve been off my program and do have high cholesterol (pretty darned high) and high glucose and high blood pressure. People probably would not guess I have that because I’m small, but I do.

    I had just decided yesterday that I’d go back on the Esselstyn program again. I got off the wagon and it’s time to get back on. Unfortunately, high cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose run in my family, but I do better when following the program.

    Thanks for the info and I hope I can see some good results too.

  2. As my doctor explained, cholesterol is produced by the body. While healthy eating helps, it may not be the entire solution, and you may also need a statin if your doctor recommends it.

    It’s good to get back on the program though. Healthy eating is good for you and feels good too!

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