Nexus info for Mac users – some positive info about backup and restore — 2 Comments

  1. Nice summary of the back-up options available but don’t you agree that google are simply being lazy not offering the same full back-up and restore functionality? I understand it might be difficult for non Vanilla Android phones but not for google’s own. My issue is not the photos or game data etc it’s the tedious task of placing hundreds of apps back into the eight folders and in the correct order… This is where Apple and iTunes wins hands down IMO

  2. Yes, iOS along with iTunes definitely beats Android as far as complete backup and restore options.

    And Android beats iOS in other areas, such as dealing with file attachments and sharing and other things mentioned, like the far superior swype keyboard input.

    I guess each person has to decide what are the most important things for themselves.

    But I do agree with you about the backup.

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