New zairyu card — 3 Comments

  1. I for one am very glad to hear your news. Did you have to bring anything like photo, etc.? Of course your passport and current registration card, but . . . ?

    I also have a friend who said he got his at the office in Tachikawa which would be a lot easier (closer) for me than Shinagawa, so I think I’ll try that.

    I’ll also check when my passport expires (I know my alien registration is fairly new) and see if I can maximize my experience rather than than getting the new registration and then having to renew my passport right after.

  2. My passport expires in March 2015 and my re-entry permit in April 2015, so I think I’ll keep the old stuff for this summer’s trip and renew everything early in 2015, hoping I beat the last-minute rush.

  3. I didn’t have to bring anything but my passport and current registration card. You do need a photo, but they have a photo machine there for ¥800.

    About your passport, you can do that by mail. That’s what I did in November. Extremely simple. Much easier than going over to the embassy.


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