New MacBook Pros – sticker shock!

Sticker shock. 🙁

My late 2013 MBP retina’s AppleCare warranty ends in December and I was looking forward to maybe upgrading. But really, the only thing I currently feel is lacking is storage. My 512 GB SSD is just too small now, since my Photos library is like 140 GB. So I have all my Photos on an external USB drive. I was looking forward to integrating everything again.

Right now I have 16 GB RAM, so if I went for the 15″ with 16 GB of RAM and upgrade from the default 512 GB SSD to 1 TB it would be – $3,200!

There’s no way I can afford that – even after selling my current MBP. The 13″ models aren’t that much better, after you add in needed RAM and storage upgrades.

Plus all the funny business with the USB-C ports-only is annoying.

So, while it’s still under warranty, I’m going to get my current keyboard replaced (some letters are worn down and are illegible now) and I guess just continue using my current MBP for a few more years. Or maybe in a year this new 2016 models will come down in price and I might rethink then.

But right now, the new models are just too expensive for me. And my current MBP speed is basically fine.


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