New MacBook Pro arrived!

Thanks to Hibikinokai, and especially Walter, my new MacBook Pro arrived today! That more than a week ahead of the promised delivery schedule.

Here are some photos from unpacking and setting up the new MacBook Pro. And some first impression comments. Everything is really great!

First some photos showing the unpacking and basic set up. Everything is so quick. Just a couple of minutes and everything is all working.

First the box it was delivered in. Okay, some of these photos will be boring for many of you, but I like taking photos. And there are people out there who like unpacking photos.


The MacBook Pro box itself. And a view of what’s inside.




And a few photos of the initial set up and showing off the specs and my start up screen. It’s amazingly fast!








And here are some first impressions:

1. The keyboard is extremely nice. I like it better than the Bluetooth keyboard I have for my iMac right now. Some of the Hibikinokai people commented how they like the illuminated keys on the keyboard. I agree it has a very nice effect.

2. The keychain synced via iCloud with my iMac so I could immediately use FaceTime and messages without further set up.

3. No dead pixels! As some of you know, I get really paranoid about new Apple notebook computers. If I find even one dead pixel it gnaws at me and I call Apple and complain until they exchange it for a perfect screen. Well I’m happy to report that I went through thorough pixel tests in white, black, red, blue and green and all the pixels seem 100% perfect. Yay!

4. The speaker seems quite nice. I played some music, and it sounded very beautiful to me. I know some reviews of the MacBook Pro criticize the speaker quality, but it sounds as good or better than any of the speakers I currently have. I was quite pleased with that.

5. The retina display is very beautiful of course. I don’t need to have it turned up anywhere near the maximum brightness. There is a very good illumination range.

6. Because of the SSD drive, start up is very quick. Also it makes no noise at all. And it’s very light. Some Hibikinokai members wanted even lighter versions, but I don’t see how anybody can complain about this weight. I’m glad I went for the 13 inch pro model. I can see this even replacing my iMac with an external monitor!

I will write more later. And I have some technical questions I want to research myself, such as best practices for battery maintenance. But anyway, I love it so far! Thanks, Walter!

I look forward to our first computer lesson for the teachers there next Sunday!


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