New 7/11 near my house opened today — 3 Comments

  1. Our latest is a 7-minute walk toward Ogikubo on Nichi Dai Dori. That makes 2 since March 11, 2011. This last one used to be our most convenient super market. What makes it different is the old building was large. The space for the new 7-ll was cut in half. The rest of the space became parking space. They’ve added more parking space by tearing down buildings on the oppoiste side of the side street. The other 7-11 went into a standing building that became vacant at a very strategic location on Ome Kaido Dori. It is located at the traffic signal at the corner of the street that enters Ome Kaido. This street goes by EiSei Byouin and connects with Nichi Dai Dori on the other side. There is a lot of foot traffic that crosses Ome Kaido both ways right in front of the store. There is another that changed from Family Store chain to 7-11 which is an 8-minute walk in the opposite direction from the apartment. Help, we are almost surrounded! Archibal

  2. I know you’re going to say it’s because I’m too fat and need to diet, but I think they forced too many aisles into the new 7/11. I was shopping there late last night, and what with other customers, staff and those rolling stacks of trays they use to replenish the counters I was having trouble walking through the store.doug

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