My Tokyo 2020 Olympics Goodies

Yesterday was my appointment to pick up my Tokyo 2020 Olympics credentials and uniform. The location was at the former south wing of the Hotel Okura in Kamayacho on the Hibiya Line.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but the extremely careful corona prevention procedures were impressive. Not only temperature checking and disinfecting and social distancing, but lots of shielding and wearing gloves, plus everybody had reserve times to come so you weren’t close to anybody at any time. It was huge gigantic empty halls and roped passages

I thought I was a volunteer for both the Olympics and Paralympics, but apparently according to my assigned schedule it’s just the main Olympics.

They were very careful in checking IDs, and after receiving my credentials, and making sure it scanned, I followed a trail of pathways to pick up all my uniform items and other accessories, one Station at a time.

I tried to have my registered photo changed, because it was old, and I’ve lost weight since then, but it was too late because they had prepared everybody’s credentials before their reservation time. They did agree that I look better now than in the photo though!
This is the tote bag I got to carry everything in.
My Olympic sneakers. Nice and cushioned and ventilated.
The Field Cast (that’s what the call the volunteers at venues) handbook.
Two pairs of Olympic uniform pants.
Three shirts.
A lightweight jacket.
Two pairs of Olympic socks.
An Olympic hat.
An Olympic protective mask.
A shoulder pouch.
My field cast pocket guide.
A glance inside the pocket guide.
And another glance.
A support guide for helping people.
This is so you can help people who are not able to speak.
An Olympic water bottle.
And my Olympic visa card, which is for helping with transportation expenses, even though the visa card itself cannot be used at gasoline stations or on public transportation. I guess people will use it to offset other expenses.

Anyway, things are still up in the air. The decision as to whether domestic spectators will be allowed to view the events is going to be made next month. Spectators from overseas are already prohibited. It may not go forward at all. But at least I have some nice momentos.


My Tokyo 2020 Olympics Goodies — 2 Comments

  1. Spectators from overseas may not be allowed to be there, but there will still be lots of athletes and other team-related people from other countries. I bet you’ll have a chance to help them.

  2. That’s true. I expect the venue will be quieter than it would have been otherwise though.

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