More on International Medical Group (IMG) insurance

What I have found out they are doing is they are dividing people up into different “pools” based on when they joined. Since I joined 11 years ago, they say my pool has dwindled in size, so they are saying the number of people to share the risk among has reduced.

It’s seems like a long-term kind of sneaky thing where they squeeze premiums out of healthy people as long as they can. As people get older they want them to drop out so this is a way of forcing them to drop out.

If they were legitimate they would continue to add people to the pool over the years to continue to share the risk, rather than just letting the pool dwindle down.

It makes no sense to provide insurance and then intentionally force the risk pool to go down over time. Surely there must be something wrong with this.

And the fact it happened just as I made my first claim makes it seem especially suspicious.

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