Monta, his swing, and his eating perch

I’m sorry to say this, but Monta is sort of stupid in his old age.

I moved his swing within millimeters of his eating perch to see if he could get back-and-forth himself.

Look at the picture. His tail is hanging over his eating perch!

Yet he can’t figure out how to get back-and-forth. If he’s eating, and he is finished, and he wants to go back to his swing, he keeps making the same old gesture he always did which is sort of hopping up-and-down and looking up like he wants to go back to the swing.

So I pick him up, I move him 3 mm over to his swing, and he reassures himself that he’s on his swing, and that his bell is there, and he’s all happy and relaxed again.

He can even turn around and see the eating perch. But it doesn’t occur to him that he can just step over onto it.


At least he’s cute.


Monta, his swing, and his eating perch — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks, Doug for posting your Javas. I had one as a teenager and wish I could find a breeder, but the US is also stupid in their individual state bans on certain birds when the darn things can just fly over and establish a colony in whatever climate suits them. Quaker parrots come to mind. Here in Alaska, it’s finches. Why? Why not? Also pet rats in the municipality of Anchorage, but I digress.
    Just wanted to let you know that someone out here appreciates these charming birds.

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