Mon and Monta update – they seem to be getting along

Here is a video of Monta getting curious about my iPhone. He doesn’t seem camera shy at all. Mon is basically ignoring the whole thing and sitting on my shoulder.

But they are definitely getting along much better. For example, Monta would sing and Mon would get pretty close and wiggle her tail. They even hung out for a while together on just one of my hands, with no fighting.

Also, they have begun following each other around. For example, Mon never visits the floor. But Monta likes to explore there as well. Today, Mon followed Monta a couple of times to the floor. A new adventure for her! She hovered a while before landing. And they both traveled together to the top of the cages and then back to my hands.

It was actually pretty sweet. They are curious about each other and want to be friends.


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