Linode vs Slicehost – a comparison — 7 Comments

  1. Nice, honest comparison! I too started with SliceHost a few years ago, then switched to Linode and I’m really glad I did.

  2. I chose Linode over Slicehost, and generally happy that I did.There have been a couple major site outages with Linode, once the server died and I lost all my data. but at least linode customer support was very responsive…but you should DEFINATELY backup your data – a bit pricey, but worth it.other time major power outage [lightning strike??], guess they didn’t have enough backup generators, but they communicated well w/ me.not 99.99 uptime, but good overall value, and server runs pretty fast.

  3. I do use the Linode backup plan. That’s to a separate device, so hopefully that will help avoid lost data. The backup plans are less expensive than Slicehost, plus include an extra backup (daily, weekly, monthly + snapshot) vs (daily, weekly + snapshot).Yes, definitely people should backup!doug

  4. Nice spreadsheets. My only suggestion, I think the “extra transfer” column could use a little more explanation. Extra transfer vs. overage is a little confusing–and I’m not sure why the cost of bandwidth increases [er GB as you upgrade to a larger plan? I know you didn’t set the prices, but I think this is information people want to know.

  5. Great comparison!I backed into the two choices above: Linode and Slicehost, mainly because libcloud fully supports both. You could make an easier ‘apples to apples’ comparison in your spreadsheets by adding a column that takes the avg cost per X (i.e. $ divided by MB).This would also make it easier to identify ‘rate breaks’, the package at which you get a better cost per MB.Have you looked into’s Cloud VPS solution? Their feature set and price seems pretty decent at first glance, though they seem more Europe centric.

  6. Linode also just increased their disk allocations by 25% at no extra charge to celebrate their 8th anniversary.I’ve been pretty happy with Linode so far, so I think I’ll stick with them! Their support is also great. It’s only email, but they respond very quickly 24 hours a day. doug

  7. Granted, still a useful post but Rackspace recently shut down Slicehost. It’s over. Google it: “rackspace shuts slicehost”

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