Lentils and veggies

I made something new!

I finally found a supermarket in my neighborhood that sold cans of lentils from Italy. The only ingredient is lentils.

Tonight, I added a bunch of spices to the 400 g can of lentils, like turmeric, all purpose seasoning, ginger, and black pepper. And to that I added a bag of 300 g of frozen vegetables. And some nutritional yeast.

The can said that only 240 g of the can were solid ingredients, so I assume the liquid is the cooked liquid from the lentils. It was thicker than just water. Anyway, the calories on the can match up with what CalorieKing says, and so I believe there were 276 cal in the can. The veggies were just 99 cal. This seems like a great, filling dinner for people are trying to eat healthy and also lose weight.

The lentils were a nice substitute from the 160 g packages of brown rice I usually pour the vegetables over, much more filling, and just an extra 50 cal total. The calorie density of lentils is much less than the calorie density of brown rice.

I heated it up in my saucepan, and that was that. No preparation needed at all. Perfect for a lazy chef like me.



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  1. Looks delicious!

    I am currently on day 7 of my water fast (7 lbs estimate of fat, and 10 pounds water and bowel content).

    You should check out The Real Truth About Health Free 10 Day Conference which is currently presenting. amazing videos. I learned the chlorine dioxide can denature (take apart) the glyphosate protein.

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