Jerusalem on the brink

What’s happening in Israel right now:

is dangerous, extremely scary, and could get even more out of control. People must honor the sanctity of life, regardless of religion and background.

The crimes committed on both sides are despicable. The abduction and kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers, followed by their murders was a horrific crime against innocents.

The abduction of the Palestinian teenager, and his burning to death was as horrific. There is no conceivable justification for it. All supporters of Israel should express equal outrage for this crime.

It has to stop. I understand Jerusalem is practically a tinderbox right now, waiting to blow. People I know there report that right wing Israeli zealots are even threatening left-leaning Israelis who are demonstrating for peace.

Extremists on both sides are raising the stakes, provoking violence, and generally acting at their worst.

I hope a peaceful middle course can be found to avoid a horrible conflagration.


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