It’s too darn hot

The temperature in Tokyo turned uncomfortably hot over the past few days. It’s nothing compared to St. Louis, but at 31C (88F) and high humidity it’s too uncomfortable already to bicycle along the Nakagawa. With the heat index it feels like 34C (93F).

Boring as it sounds, I may have to temporarily turn on the air-conditioner in my bedroom and use the indoor bicycle today. My doctor says it’s important to not overheat myself. Yet I should exercise.

Hao and Mon are ok. They’re tropical birds and take occasional baths if they want to cool off. I hate using the air-conditioner at all, but in my computer room it becomes unbearable (and not good for the computers) to run things without cooling down at least a bit.

The high should reach 33C (91F) later in the afternoon.


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