Is Japan safe to visit? In a word – yes.

Lately, I’ve had friends and acquaintances email me and say they had been thinking of visiting Tokyo, Nara and Kyoto and were wondering if it “was safe.”

I was surprised!

It never occurred to me that people were thinking of a visit to Japan as being “unsafe.”

My former professor even emailed to say he was passing on this summer’s usual visit to Japan because his Japanese wife, who is all caught up in the media reporting in the U.S., doesn’t think it’s safe this year.

Naturally I wouldn’t recommend visiting the Fukushima area. But if you are planning any other visits around interesting and beautiful Japan, please put your concerns at rest.

It is safe. Come visit!



Is Japan safe to visit? In a word – yes. — 2 Comments

  1. Doug, We would come only to see you. Japan is too far for me to travel now and it cost too much. I remember Japan in 1945. How much could it change in 66 years? Just joking. It must be just beautiful now. Love, Muttle .

  2. It’s probably not as expensive as you might think to travel in Japan.And when you’re in Tokyo, you can always stay at my place.doug

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