Is it time to unsubscribe from my daily newspaper? — 3 Comments

  1. Doug, You are correct. I could get all the news and then some on line but Mimi is old (79) and does not use my old computer at all so she NEEDS the printed word. And what would we have to recycle,just a few cans love, Muttle

  2. I made the change perhaps six months ago after subscribing to the San Francisco Chronicle for decades. The only time in my adult life when I haven’t had a newspaper subscription was when I was serving in the military. It didn’t take me long to adapt to reading the news on my laptop and my morning routine actually hasn’t changed much.I don’t have an answer about the future of journalism, but I’m not sure that significant consolidation is a bad idea. The quality of reporting seems dismal today – when I read a story about something where I have first-hand information there are almost always factual errors. Like you I would happily pay a modest amount for access to quality reporting, but I see no reason to pay for the paper and printing costs of a hardcopy edition I don’t receive. I guess the papers, even after all this time, still haven’t figured out how this Interwebs thing is going to work.

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