huge quake now — 2 Comments

  1. I had just returned to Ogikubo and was sitting on the second floor of Lumine having a glass of orange at Afternoon Tea. I was reading the material from Greenpeace that the members had put together after trips to Fukushima and in inspections of off limits areas where they had tested the soil in different places and had discovered hot spots where people were still living. Many vegetables grown in farmers personal gardens were hot and exceeded the standards set by the Japan government. They also tested vegetables at grocery stores that exceeded government standards. A school yard was hot and exceeded the limits of 2 kinds of radiation. What does one do when the building starts moving sidewise? I gulped down the rest of the orange juice and compared iPhone notes with the girl at the adjacent table. Doug was right on the spot timewise in reporting the earthquake in his area. I decided it was time to move out of Lumine DGF

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