Huge crowd at the supermarket today

It’s beautiful weather today! It’s nice to see the sun after a week of dark skies and rain.

I went over to “Life” supermarket and I had never seen it this crowded before. The lines were all the way to the back of the store. I stood in line patiently and checked email while waiting. But I was curious why it was so crowded. Was there some special sale I was missing out on? People were grabbing 5 and 10 kg bags of rice like we were hoarding for a famine.

When it was finally my turn at the cashier I asked what was going on. The cashier said, “It’s the first day without rain for almost a week, and it might rain again this evening.”

That was it? Geez. It’s been raining – but not heavily. And I’ve managed to walk over to the store every day with my umbrella and didn’t get wet.

Anyway, it is nice to have the sun out for the first time in days. I missed it.

Supermarket Apr 15


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